Forecasting and budgeting

Do you want more clarity and confidence when it comes to budgeting and forecasting of your construction projects?

You may be making a good profit but still struggling to pay suppliers/vendors, employees, and meet your investment goals. If that’s your problem, we can help you achieve optimized cashflow management, leading to better liquidity and an enhanced ability to meet payment commitments.

With higher precision, unmatched expertise, a customized approach, and construction understanding, we curate a comprehensive, clear, and professional collection and payment plan that leads to higher confidence and clarity when it comes to managing stakeholders’ expectations affiliated with the construction project.

  1. Revenue forecasting in line with construction project’s completion timeline.
  2. Expense management considering current market trends.
  3. Construction project financial feasibility.
  4. Working capital optimization for project financing.
  5. Change order management and managing cash contingency for construction projects.
  6. Scenario planning considering number of projects under construction.
  7. Monthly, quarterly and yearly budgeting in line with project progress.
  8. Construction market analysis and cost benchmarking.
  9. Setting financial metrics for construction projects.
  10. Setting financial KPIS
  1. Unmatched construction understanding.
  2. Accurate and detailed project budgeting.
  3. Weekly variance analysis for each line item.
  4. Improved project profitability.
  5. Optimized financing structure.
  6. Holistic approach to monitor project finance.
  7. Exceptional customer services.

We work using following systematic approach.

Understanding your expectations – Our first priority is to understand your expectations, aspirations, and the goal you want to achieve. For instance, you may be struggling with investment goals, paying vendors on time, financial stability, resource allocation, tracking revenue/collection, optimizing financing structure, or any other requirement you may come up with. It’s important to note that defining the purpose of engagement is the essential requirement to make it meaningful.

At this stage, we decide the frequency of measurement and variance analysis. For instance, you may be looking for weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly budget setting/targets or any other frequency more desirable related to industrial norms and practices in the construction industry.

Rest assured, project reports are drafted in an easy-to-read and professional layout, making it easier to compare actual numbers, calculate variances, and decide on corrective actions.

Data collection, performing analysis, and setting working model – Based on your requirements and expectations, we prepare a list of requirements to collect necessary information, documents, numbers, figures, and trends.

After setting & sorting the numbers, we develop a detailed understanding of revenue streams/collection and the nature of payments required and desired. For instance, settlement of the obligation is required, and meeting investment goals is desired.

Development of customized collection/payment plan—Based on expected cash movement, we draft a comprehensive plan in line with the defined time bracket. So, if excess cash inflow is planned, investment is planned, and vice versa.

Our financial model is based on historical data analysis, market analysis, scenario planning, time series analysis, trend analysis, regression analysis, and probability distribution/Monte Carlo simulation. Additionally, we believe to embrace modern trends like AI and machine learning, real-time data analytics, integrated planning helping to achieve better construction quality with optimized cost.

Actively monitor changes– The best part of our working approach is to actively monitor the factors contributing to change in the cash movement. For instance, any updated information like changes in project structure, project pricing, financing needs, material cost, manufacturing cost, fluctuations in salaries/wages, loan restructuring, variation in tax liabilities, inflation, shift in market competition, etc.

We keep updating the forecasted cash movement in line with the changes. This helps to keep the data highly relevant and enables you to make quick decision on controlling project cost and improving profitability.

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Our working strategy is not only directed to improve forecasting and budgeting accuracy but set long-term financing directions, conduct strategic planning, optimize financial resource allocation, set KPIs & financial performance measurement, and apply smart strategies to ensure project profitability and optimized cash management.

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