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Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed when it comes to certain challenging situations from finance and accounting perspective?

We believe the difficult aspect of random financial challenge is the technical competence and market understanding required to tackle the situation in a timely and professional manner. However, considering time constraints and ongoing business chores, developing the required financial understanding may not always be feasible.

So, professional advice is the best way to navigate these challenging situations. Here, we offer timely solutions for a variety of business and financial challenges that include but are not limited to the following.

Business credit building servicesIt’s a great way to enhance your credit repo. It’s an essential prep when looking to raise debt financing.
Business growth planningGet an actionable and operationally feasible growth plan that leads to financial success.
Financial modelingHighly rated and economical way to put information on screen and make a decision.
Profit making strategiesLook for ways to cut costs, optimize operations, dilute fixed costs, and achieve economies of scale.
Business valuationProfessional services to estimate the worth of the business you intend to buy/sell.
Merger & acquisitionAccounting adjustments, recording business transition, profit/loss on the sell/buy and recognition of other technical aspects.
Leadership transitions strategyWe help in transition of leadership values, assess leadership capabilities, transfer knowledge, and engage key stakeholders related to transition. 
Debt restructuringNegotiate restructuring terms and conditions with the financial institutions. Our expertise helps to get things in your favor.
Working capital managementOptimize the cost of capital by setting the optimal mix of debt and equity in the working capital structure.
Cost components analysisDeeply analyze different cost components and find optimization opportunities.
Setting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)Set expectations from different business departments, measure output, and provide feedback to improve subsequent performance.
Market researchIt’s a good idea to conduct deep market research and find opportunities to expand.
NPV and IRR analysisWe help you conduct deep and technical calculations to help you decide on project feasibility.
Business plan/feasibility reportPreparation of a compelling business case that engages investors.
Audit assistanceIf you find it difficult to engage in tax and financial audits, it’s a good idea to seek audit assistance services.

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The above list is intended to give an idea about solutions we have been practicing for a long time. However, that’s not an exhaustive, and we are ready to embrace any of your financial/business challenges as ours.

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