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Financial guidance, planning, and leadership are concrete elements of the foundation that build long-term business success. These qualities are expected from senior resources like CFO, who has strong financial knowledge, industrial understanding, and the ability to quantify risk in line with potential rewards.

We believe the scope of the CFO is not limited to preparing and reviewing financial statements but developing and achieving strategic financial goals that align with the mission and vision of the founders and owners.

Developing strategic financial goal requires strong financial knowledge, market understanding, and enhanced business acumen to spot opportunities according to risk appetite and define a certain line of action. It’s not a challenge for competent CFOs but a routine.

However, hiring a full-time CFO is only sometimes cost-effective as headcount might exceed the feasible limits. Here we contribute the following value with our extensive experience and financial understanding as a valuable financial resource.

As a financial leader and senior resource, we help define the company’s future and set strategic direction. Determining the future involves adding financial perspective to potential opportunities like innovation, decision-making, setting performance goals & KPIs, quantifying and measuring strategic risk exposure, opting for new projects, analyzing and predicting the financial needs of the business, and setting room for the same.

We further believe in proactively managing and professionally tackling financial challenges that might be a result of normal business operations, regulatory changes, changing stakeholder expectations, and unpredicted market movement etc.

As CFOs, we take pride in expediting business expansion/growth by setting a system that drives accountability, enhances the sense of work ownership, informs decision-making, and makes changes in the operational business structure that avoids friction and lubricates growth.

We further take pride in exploring new markets, products, customer segments, price gaps, and business integrations that add synergy and bring exponential growth.

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Growth comes with managed risk. There is no second way to grow but to embrace risk. However, risk must be quantified in line with the business purpose and goals.

Our risk management strategy is defined to drive growth without exposing business assets to uncontrollable and unmanageable losses. Here is how we do it.

  1. Comprehensive risk assessment in areas of operations, market, credit, financing, hazard management, and any specialized area in line with your industry.
  2. Developing and implementing strong internal control on business operations and risk exposure.
  3. Continuous monitoring, scenario planning, data drive decision making, regulatory compliance, and adopting diversified investment policies.
  4. Performance monitoring, appropriate stakeholder management, meeting higher ethical instances and adopting sustainable financial strategies that deliver results.

Financial Review & accounting supervision

Detailed financial analysis has massive potential to spot financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This review enables business management to identify areas that require attention to achieve growth and avoid excessive risk exposure.

The financial review is usually centered around profitability, liquidity, capital efficiency, solvency, operational efficiency, gearing, and the balance of debt & equity (crucial for financing decisions) etc. 

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