Economy Pricing Strategy

What Is Economy Pricing Strategy? Economy pricing strategy is one of the four pricing strategies that a company might choose depending on its needs, goals, … Read more

What Is Pari-Passu?

The term Pari-Passu is a Latin word that means “on an equal footing”. The Pari-passu charge gives an equal right to its lenders over the … Read more

What Is Variance Analysis

Differences between actual behavior and planned behavior are analyzed quantitatively in variance analysis. By investigating areas in which unexpected failures have occurred, this analysis serves … Read more

Users of financial statements

There are multiple users of financial statement that range from internal employees to potential investors. Although, the use of financial statements differ for different stakeholders. … Read more

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

The mortgage loan concept is assets are given as security against receipts of the funds. Mostly, banks and other financial institutes provide loans of 80% … Read more

FICO score

FICO Score

Fair Issac Corporations calculate FICO score. Different lenders used the FICO score of the borrower to decide on the extension and approval of the loans. … Read more