How to Get Free Laptops for Low-Income Families/Individuals?

There are two main ways to get a free laptops if your income falls in a low bracket income. These ways include,

  • A free laptop from Government
  • A free laptop from a Nonprofit organization

In this article, we will discuss these two ways to get a laptop from the Government in the United States of America.

1-A free laptop from Government

Yes, the Government in the United States provides free laptops to its people. However, it’s only true if you qualify for the criteria below.

  • United States citizenship – It’s a first requirement to qualify for the free laptop from Government. It’s no exception to other assistance programs offered by Government like medical assistance, food assistance, housing assistance, etc. However, there are some special programs where immigrants are also eligible to apply for the laptop.
  • Fall in the low-income bracket – Your household income must be lower than the threshold for free laptop eligibility. The income threshold is different for different states. Generally, it needs to be lower than poverty guidelines. In addition to low income, you must explain how a laptop can help you in career growth and your plans regarding a laptop’s use.
  • Disability – Government understands that earning through a laptop can be an excellent move for the disabled person. Hence, they are at the top of the list for giving free laptops.
  • Students – It’s nearly impossible to complete their education without a laptop. Filling out an examination form to appearing in class and sitting in exams requires a laptop. Hence, Government’s commitment is enriched to serve students with free laptops who can’t afford one.

So, if you do not fall in the criteria for Government’s free laptop, there are some additional chances to apply at nonprofit organizations. Let’s discuss its details.

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2-A free laptop from a Nonprofit organization

Nonprofit organizations are well known for providing free laptops throughout the United States of America. We have discussed some of the well-known organizations below.

1-Computer with causes

It’s a nonprofit organization that provides free laptops to needy people/organizations. This organization only provides refurbished laptops. However, there is a strong criterion for obtaining a free laptop from them.

  1. Your need for the laptop must align with the organization’s mission. (The organization’s mission is to donate the laptop for education, disabled veterans, future and learnings, etc. This organization relies on donors to meet the needs of the funds).
  2. You must be needy or not able to afford a laptop.
  3. You must use the laptop for the cause mentioned in the application.
  4. There is a strict background check and assessment before you are given laptop. The online application can be made by accessing – an online application for a computer.

2-On it foundation

The foundation believes people must acquire Tech skills to survive in today’s tech-oriented world. In line with their purpose, the foundation is committed to help needy people by providing free laptops. The foundation also provides training on how to use a laptop and learn some valuable skills with it. It’s directed to serve students by providing them with laptops and enabling them to learn skills.

The eligibility criteria for On it foundation is that,

”In your family, at least one child should be receiving free/discounted lunch in a public school.”

Application procedure – The application is to be made in the name of On it foundation; the application should be sent with the student’s name, grade, and other details. It’s also mandatory to attach confirming statement from the school. The application needs to be sent to the following address.

Attention: Free Computer Application

18520 NW 67th Avenue, Suite 186, Miami, FL 33015, United States of America.

You can also opt to send a letter to [email protected]. However, please don’t forget to email the school confirming the statement with the letter. For further understanding, visit – Theonitfoundation.  


This organization is committed to providing discounted internet services and computers to people with low financial capacity. The organization believes that underprivileged people must access the Internet and technology equally. So they can manage to survive and develop within society.

The foundation has partnered with various internet service providers and computer companies to serve its mission.

The following are the eligibility criteria for getting a free laptop. However, you only need to meet one of the given criteria.

  1. Living in a public house.
  2. Senior citizen.
  3. Receive public assistance.
  4. Have a child that receives discounted/free school lunch.
  5. Active duty military person/veteran.

For further details – visit – EveryoneON.

4-PCS for people

This organization’s mission is to ensure everyone can access affordable technology through the Internet and computers. Hence, this organization works to provide computer access to the people who need it but can’t afford it.

However, to get their assistance, you must qualify for any of the following criteria.

  1. You must be participating in a Government assistance program.
  2. Your household income is less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines or 60% of the area’s median income.

Please note you must upload your photo and income documentation to help them assess your income.

To know more about eligibility and apply online, visit – Pcforpeople.

Wrap up

The following are two ways to get a free laptop.

A free laptop from Government – The Government in the United States gives free laptops to the people. However, there are eligibility criteria. You must be a US citizen, fall in a low-income bracket, live with a disability, or be a student. If you do not meet Government’s criteria, there is another way out, which is,

Free laptops from nonprofit organizations – Different organizations are working to serve Americans that don’t have access to computers/technology. These organizations help deserving people in getting access to the Internet and computers. Eligibility criteria are different for different organizations, as discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a free laptop?

There are two ways to get a laptop that, include the following.

  1. A laptop from Government.
  2. A laptop from a nonprofit organization.

What is the eligibility to get a laptop from Government?

  1. Income lower than the poverty threshold.
  2. Living life with a disability.
  3. Student
  4. Citizen of the USA

Does the Government in the USA provide free laptops to students?

Yes, students are on top of the list when discussing free laptops from Government. The reason is that laptops play a crucial role in their studies, from filling out admission forms to getting a degree. However, there are certain criteria to be fulfilled.

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