What does Equal Opportunity Employer mean?

Discrimination witnessed by the employee in HR practices can generate many negative outcomes for the employee as well as for the company. To overcome this issue, a unique strategy is widely being used by the companies named Equal Opportunity Employer. The strategy ensures that no employer will discriminate against one employee over the other. Equal Employment Opportunity excludes race, gender, color, religion or age, etc. to be considered as a basis for discrimination.

Not every employer gives equal opportunity to each job applicant or an already working employee of the company. Discrimination can occur when an employer is viewing job applications, he can subconsciously give more importance to a person belonging to his race. So, the Equal Opportunity Employer agrees on taking decisions objectively neglecting the subjective biases. Let’s consider some examples of EOE.

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Equal Opportunity Employer Examples:

Some famous companies with an Equal Opportunity Employer policy are Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, H&M, etc.

EOE Statement:

To formally put this HR strategy into practice, many companies design the Equal Opportunity Employer statement to create a good business image. Certain aspects should be considered while developing the Equal Opportunity Employer Statement:

  • Be Precise:

Your EOE statement should not include unnecessary information. Everything should be specific and to the point. The message should precisely convey your strategy of implementing Equal Opportunity Employers.

  • Emphasis on diversity:

The main essence of the EOE is that it encourages workforce diversity. So, an emphasis on diversity should be there in your statement. The statement should convey that we treat you equally no matter which color, creed, gender, or race you are from. 

  • Merit-based decisions:

You have to clear this thing in the statement that your organization is based on objectivity. All the decisions are taken on merit and genuine qualifications.

  • Link to the policy:

Lastly, if you have a separate webpage of your EOE policy, you can give a link to that in your statement.

Importance of EOE:

Better Recruitment:

EOE employer gives equal importance to each job applicant’s profile, which means that better applicants can become part of your organization. This can be possible that an employee belonging to a different faith may generate more effective results for the company.

Brand Reputation:

The Equal Opportunity Employer also adds to the good reputation of the company. As discussed earlier, many companies have their EOE statements. The statement spread a positive image of the company among its customers and also within the organization.

Employees Satisfaction:

Through EOE, employees of the company feel satisfied with the organizational culture. Each employee knows that the company and its leaders treat each employee equally.

Increased Productivity:

The increased satisfaction of employees ultimately leads to increased productivity. EOE ensures that every employee performing the same task gets equal pay. Employees will put their heart into the tasks, knowing that their work will be acknowledged without discrimination.  

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