Why accounting interview questions

Sometimes candidates may be asked question like ”Why you like accounting”

By asking this question, interviewer wants to assess your interest in the subject. To answer this question, you need to ask yourself which area of accounting makes you feel excited about the subject. For instance, some people may like numerical aspects of accounting, some might say its analytical insights that make us feel excited about accounting, and some might claim accounting is like a challenge and they feel peace when balance sheet is balanced.

So, you might choose any of these. However, make sure not to be monotonous in your words and try to avoid bookish words rather it’s good to explain your personal preference that why you like accounting.

Following drafted answers can help you to answer. However, make sure to tailor these answers based on your experience and how accounting makes you feel excited.

For interviews like bookkeeper/accounting clerk/staff accountant

I have been handling accounting and bookkeeping for the past 3 years. I have been taking care of business document like receipts, invoices, bank statement, and financial reports. I feel massive pleasure by seeing that everything is in order, docs can be traced easily, data kept is highly accurate, and I really enjoy calculating and playing with the numbers.

For interviews like Cost/management accountant

I am highly interested in analyzing the costing structure of the business, analyzing where cost is high, process can be controlled and profitability can be enhanced. I enjoy doing product costing, analyze spending structure, and take charge of full scale reporting.

For interviews like CPA/public auditor

It’s professional skepticism and sense of executing duty that makes me to love accounting. I have always been balancing between expectations of audit client and accounting standards that need to be applied. Although, sometimes feel challenge to teach and explain how accounting standards can be applied, processes can be approve, system can be digitalized, and software can be implemented to gain ready numbers to be used to taxation and other purposes.

For interviews like CFO

I always like to help companies and businesses in managing their financial reporting, setting budget, strategically tracking target, ensuring KPIs are met, taking corrective actions, and ensuring financing targets are met. I have also been assisting and reporting to the board of directors in matters related to compliance. All of this work makes me feel proud about my duty to execute an accounting function.

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Your interviewer may be interest to assess your interest in the subject. In this regard, he/she might ask the question. Why you like accounting?

The answer to question is dependent on your personal experience in the recent job and the new role you have been applying for. In the article, we have discussed some sample answers. However, you are advised to tailor the answer based on your situation.

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