Dealing with a bad manager: (5 tips for handling a bad boss)

Dealing with a bad manager can be a serious mental hazard. All the time, your boss prefers his favorite subordinate who also exceeds the deadline with a lot of mistakes in his work. On the contrary, you do your task on time with full effort but don’t get any acknowledgment; this implies that you are probably working under a bad manager.

There are some other signs of a bad manager, such as unnecessary anger, disrespect towards employees, lack of integrity, incompetency in his work, and many more.

Tackling such a boss can be tricky and requires a careful strategy on the subordinate’s end. Otherwise, the subordinate can ruin his/her career through his mismanagement towards the boss. We have gathered here a few tips on dealing with a bad manager.

1-Identify which things trigger meltdowns

Identifying the triggers that incite anger in your manager can be an initial step towards better dealing with a bad boss. After keenly observing his behavior, you can know what motivates the boss and what makes him angry. So you should try to avoid them to make your boss keep calm. This strategy will reduce your emotional, mental, and physical effort for dealing with his anger.

2-Be proactive

Try to remain one step ahead. Like any other life task, proactivity can also be of great importance for dealing with a toxic boss. You can do this by doing the work before the boss has actually assigned you the task. Through this, the boss will not have to remind you about the work several times, and he’ll also get the work before the deadline. This can make the boss a bit happier and will also lessen your stress towards deadlines.

3-Stay focused

Don’t let the behavior of a micromanager affect your work. Stay focused on your tasks and responsibilities, and try to avoid the negative behavior of your manager. There would probably be other leaders as well in the company who will be keeping an eye on the employees. So keep on doing your task with full effort, ignoring your manager’s unnecessary negative attitude.

4-Set your bubble

If the boss does not have boundaries, don’t worry; you can set boundaries yourself. One way to deal with a person having no limits is to show them your limits. Try to distance yourself from the behavior of your bad manager. This can be one of the ways for two unlikable people to work together.

5-Recognize when it’s time to leave

Lastly, if all the strategies for handling your bad boss do not work, decide to stay or leave. If you think that working with your boss is not possible anymore, you can leave the workplace. It might give a setback, but if one door closes, thousands open. But if you think that the job is much rewarding and your boss’s behavior can be ignored. So, try to fit in the same company. Keep in mind the above-discussed strategies if you decide to stay!

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