Is Human Resource Management a Good Career path?

In this era, choosing a right field for study can be a tough thing. Many people will advise you to follow your passion. The problem lies in this very statement, from where to find the passion. The most prominent fields of career are Doctors, Engineers, IT experts, etc. However, another field that can prove to be a great source of passion is your career in “Human Resource Management”. Have you ever thought of becoming a leader and managing others to run an organization in the best possible way? This field is for you.

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Human resource management jobs are required in almost every organization. So the scope of this field is wide.Not only the job is interesting, but it also offers a great return. You will need to put your heart into the work for extracting the best out of your employees. Before checking the careers offered by HR, let’s briefly discuss what human resource management is.

What is human resource management?

In basic terms, Human Resource Management involves managing the workforce of an organization. All the hiring, sourcing, interviewing, training, performance appraisal, and benefits and compensation are done by the HR team. All these functions show that Human resource management career options are wide. Many people study this subject as their major in Business Administration degree.

The functions performed by HR managers are large in number. An HR manager can be a recruitment specialist or a training specialist. Human Resource Management is a broad field, which involves many subfields. So, you can excel in any of these subfields based on your interest.    

Human resource management jobs salary:

The salary of an HR manager mainly depends on the person’s position in the HR department. For example, a person who’s the head of the Training and Development department will be paid more than his subordinate whose job is just to ensure the implementation of the designed program. So, average human resource salary amounted to $108,190 in 2022.

List of careers in human resources management:

Some of the many positions that HR specialists can hold are discussed below:

Recruitment Specialist:

One of the major tasks of the HR department is recruitment. HR managers perform the screening and shortlisting of resumes. After doing this, they conduct the interviews as well. So, a career as a recruitment specialist provides you with a lot of learning and can fulfill your dream of taking others’ interviews.

Compensation Specialist:

Another area of HR is compensation and benefits. All the salaries, bonuses, and other perks and privileges of employees are managed by the HR department. So, you can also become a compensation and benefits specialist.

Training and Development Manager:

Training plays an integral part in preparing employees for the betterment of the business. Good organizations make the most out of their employees. One thing that helps in this regard is the Training and Development program. HR specialists can also choose this subfield of HR to design interesting training programs.

Employee Relations Manager:

Another emerging field of HR is employee relations management. Many policies are implemented in organizations in this regard. Harassment policies and Whistleblowing are examples of such rules designed to manage employee relations. All these policies are designed and implemented by the HR managers.

Human Resources Assistant:

Being an assistant to the HR manager is also a great career option. The HR manager will guide you about whatever help he requires from you. You can shortlist CVs and resumes or can ensure sound implementation of the Training program or many other such tasks.

Wrapping Up:

Human Resources can be a rewarding career if you excel your best in it. Any career can become the best for you, only if you are willing to put your heart and mind into it. You can grow to new heights by keeping yourself in touch with the advances.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that the field of HR can offer many career options and has variety in it. So, I hope this discussion has helped you in knowing whether Human Resources Management is your passion or not. 

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