Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

The mortgage loan concept is assets are given as security against receipts of the funds. Mostly, banks and other financial institutes provide loans of 80% … Read more

FICO score

FICO Score

Fair Issac Corporations calculate FICO score. Different lenders used the FICO score of the borrower to decide on the extension and approval of the loans. … Read more


GAAP and principles

GAAP refers to generally accepted accounting principles. It’s a set of procedures, accounting principles, and accounting standards related to business reporting and financial accounting. The … Read more

Gordon growth model

Gordon growth model is a well-known model for the calculation of the intrinsic price of the shares. This model is widely accepted worldwide because it … Read more

Factors for dividend policy

Factors for dividend policy

There are several factors for dividend policy. These factors range from profit for the current year to an expectation of the shareholders from the company. … Read more