Audit report modification/changes

Audit report modification is when auditors need to change/modify their audit opinion. The audit report can only be changed/modified in line with the accounting standard. … Read more

What is audit report?

The audit report is a document attached with the financial statement. In this report, external auditors state their opinion about the financial statement prepared by … Read more

going concern

What is going concern assumption?

Definition Going concern assumption is used by businesses to prepare the financial statement. This assumption impacts the accounting treatment, valuation, and presentation of various account … Read more


What are audit assertions?

Definition Audit assertions are claims made by management that financial statements are accurate and do not contain any errors. Here, auditors’ work begins and they … Read more

audit procedures

What are the audit procedures?

Definition Auditors perform audit procedures to obtain sufficient and appropriate audit evidence on the identified risks. Generally, auditors understand business, assess the risk of material … Read more

audit scoping

What is audit scoping?

Definition Audit scoping refers to the process of setting extent, nature, and timing of audit procedures to be performed. The scope of auditing is dependent … Read more

target costing

What is target costing?

Definition Target costing is a systematic way to set product price. It considers the current market price and desired profit to set production cost.  It … Read more

What Is Operational Audit

An operational audit is conducted to evaluate the performance of a company’s operations. It includes both day-to-day activities and broader-scale activities. This type of audit … Read more