Professional courses for human resource management

Professional courses for human resource management provide exposure and adds to the professionalism of the candidates. Taking such courses provides tools which can help in broadening the management abilities. Some human resource managers have variety of skills which needs to be polished and taking such courses play a major role in exploring and polishing those skills.

The basic purpose of human resource management in an organization is to optimize and flourish the company by bringing employees together. HRM courses teach all those aspects which are important to make HR department of a company work in a perfect manner.

The courses for Human resource management play a major role in keeping one up to date because having a good knowledge about one’s work is always appreciated, and it often results in opening doors for promotions and better future. The HRM in a big company works in a completely different way as it works in a small company and vice versa. So, the course for human resource management should be taken while considering the company you are working in or want to work for. Before taking a course for human resource management a lot of other things should also be taken into consideration for instance; is the course online or offline, teacher of the course etc.

Why a career in human resource management is a good option?

Qualities of Good HR Manager

Different institutes in the world are providing different professional courses for human resource management offline as well as online. Let’s discuss some of the

 Different institutes in the world are providing different professional courses for human resource management offline as well as online. Let’s discuss some of the

 1- AIHR Course – The Academy to Innovative HR:

AIHR is the world’s largest online platform which provides professional and specialized courses for human resource management. After starting the course, one has access to the material uploaded for 12 months. AIHR provides great options if you are interested in or want to focus on a particular topic at a time such as the strategic side of being an HR manager or human resource planning and retention etc.

2- Wharton Online: HR Management and Analytics:

The Wharton online course is provided by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. So, the most unique thing about this course is that it is taught by world-renowned teachers. The duration of this course is 2 months. The program aims to provide a holistic understanding of basic principles of HR analytics, HR management and many more. This program is suitable for small business’ owners with the talent of management, business performance professionals and general managers.

3- SHRM – Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP):

SHRM means Society for Human Resource Management. This course is only for those who have a history in HR related duties. This course is mainly concerned with teaching how strategies can be developed. The applicants become professional in strategic level work of HR after taking this course.  SCP is the senior certification. At least 3 or more years’ experience in HR is required to take this certification.

4- George Brown College:

Human resource certification programs are provided by George Brown College. It specifically deals with those who are already in management level in an organization. Its main aim is to polish the skills of those who are already in administration side of HR. This course is perfect for those who want to get specialized in their fields because it covers all the major areas of HRM. It is a 12-month course consisting of 3 semesters in this course 2 semesters are in class and 1 semester is working in the field.

5- Certificate in Human Resource Management:

This program stands out in the list because it is recognized by Human Resources Professional Association (HRPaA). It is designed for those already working in Human Resource Administration as well as for those who are willing to work in the field. The duration of this program is less than 2 years. After taking this certificate people get prepared to work as Human Resource Consultant, Human Resource Generalist and many more.

6- Coursera-Human Resource Management:

This program covers 4 courses. If you want to freshen up your HR related knowledge or want to opt HR as a career, then the courses provided by Coursera are best for you. This program starts with a foundational course which guides about the key principles of human resource management. The other three cover all the three important aspects which are important for a manager to know for instance: hiring of employees, evaluation of their performance and their incentives.

7- Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development:

CIPD is a very professional 100 years old institute. It deals with membership-based access. It not only deals with certification courses but also with community and wellbeing helpline services. CIPD covers 8 cores of HR related work i.e., situational decision making, ethical practice, valuing people, and many more. The most prestigious qualification you can attain as a HR professional is CIPD level 7. It is such an advanced diploma that it is equal to a master’s degree.

8- International Association for Human Resources Information Management:

IHRIM was founded in 1980, it consists of a community of 600-700 business professionals. It virtually provides the courses all over the world. For HR technology professionals IHRIM is the only membership association. The main objective of IHRIM is to help both beginners and HR professionals to adapt to the ever-changing HR management environment. It helps human resource managers in expanding their knowledge and renewing their skills.


One can never have enough knowledge, so it is important to take up to dated courses to keep yourself well-aware about the everchanging situations. Beginners willing to enter in the world of HRM are also encouraged to take these professional courses to have a better know how and a good insight of HRM before even entering the organization.

Besides taking these courses applicants should also gather more and more experience because without implying what they have learnt they can never become a true skillful human resource manager. Organizations should also encourage their human resource managers to take such professional courses because all the problems HRM departments are dealing with nowadays can be sorted out by bringing new ideas and innovations.

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